Below you can put together your own neon and ask for a price.
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We also put the price in it so you have an idea what a handmade artisan neon can cost.


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These are examples of led-neon or acrylic nelon. Similar to real neon but with LED lighting. This tube light is made of acrylic and is internally illuminated by LEDs. The light is distributed evenly, just like neon. Advantages: not as fragile as neon and lighting on safe low voltage. A robust and economical alternative to real neon.


Box letter with bulbs

Not neon at all but still belongs a bit to the look of neon. It has the same nostalgic feel as neon. If you are looking for real vintage you are in the right place with these letters. The channel letters are available in all RAL colours.


Neon in box letter

These are examples of neon mounted in relief letters or box letters. With the advent of LED lighting, there is less demand for this, but just original because of the vintage charm. The neon can run along the axis of the relief letter or follow the contours of the letter. The latter is only possible with large letters.


Neon on plexi

These are examples of neon mounted on a transparent plexiglass panel. Ideal for complex neon hanging behind a window or against a wall that still needs to remain visible.


Pure neon

These are examples of pure neon. The neon is mounted directly on the surface with spacers. This is work for experienced mechanics, for Neopaul therefore.


Neon on frame

These are examples of neon mounted on a frame. The frame can be painted in the color of the background to make it less noticeable. The frame can also be used to mount the neon at right angles to the wall.


Acrylic Neon

This is not really neon but it looks very much like it. It is made of acrylic and is internally lit with LEDs. The acrylic is composed so that the light is evenly distributed. Just like the real neon. The advantages are that it is obviously not as fragile and works on safe low voltage. A robust and economical alternative to neon.


Neon in plexi case

These are examples of neon, placed in a box of transparent plexi. This is applied when the neon is easy to touch or is in a public area. Neon works on high voltage and can be dangerous to touch.